Truth, Overachieving Underachiever

On A Dime’s mission to pass along money-saving adventures has been the greatest fun, however, there is also a dicey part of this undertaking. How do we promote gorgeous moments yet also share the truth of the journey? The truth being that this is On A Dime Adventure/Life not On a Dime Perfection. So, here we go and our goal today is to hopefully have you thinking, “good grief, the only thing she overachieves at is underachieving so if she can do it, anyone can”. Because that is the truth behind the gorgeous moments.

At the current moment, this overachieving underachiever – a description only a mother could love – is working part-time after having recently listened to her soul (note to self -if lost again – do not search for soul). The transition from full-time to part-time job brought no second thoughts (common for overachieving underachievers) but there was an idea that as long as life was rocking and rolling, why not step a little farther out of the box or maybe into the box? A rolling box to go with a rolling life.

The – already in existence – dream to build a teeny-tiny house on wheels (less than 150 square feet) was further ignited by the release of THE BIG TINY by Dee Williams. The book-signing was a turning point that had my guy shaking his head and lining up his power tools for my endeavor. As supportive partners do, he promptly ordered a first aid kit and – I am fairly certain – hid his high-end circular saw.

But I have my own tools. “What tools?” – my guy asked in a slightly alarmed tone, while inventorying, to make certain none of his were missing.

The tools in question require no batteries and were given freely by a few people who guided me to some simple realizations. Like screwdrivers and those little ratchet thingamabobs, these tools each have a specific function and aid in running a RACE. My guy smiles sweetly at this hobby mash-up and suggests I limit my consumption of coffee but I am confident that some of you might enjoy these tools and I promise to not hide them because this race is a run toward many more joyful moments.


*REMOVE – Remove the muck. Facebook will be our example. There is an icon at the top right of every post that comes across your news feed and it offers, “I don’t want to see this”. Use it liberally. It unsubscribes you from the individual post, not all of the friend’s posts, just the umpteenth snippet of wisdom that they’d never say to anyone’s face in casual conversation. Full-on unsubscribing is also a good idea if you feel the posts are impacting you negatively. Also apply this to anything else distracting you from the life you envision. TV? Use it constructively or for programs that bring enjoyment into your life. If you love the news, cool but if it has you mired in unpleasantness, turn it off. Even music. Try to seek out what will aid in making a life that is fulfilling and skip tunes that send your mood to the dark side.

*ADD – Easy-peasy and opposite of remove. Add or “like” Facebook pages that imbue you with joy, enthusiasm, and happiness. “Like” the things you like 🙂 The possibilities are endless, photography, gardening, bird watching, boating, movies, and opera (not for overachieving underachievers). Join groups that involve you in fun activities. Find a book club, sell your pearls and start sailing or meet up with a group of hikers/cyclists/tennis players. Put uplifting or encouraging music on your playlist. Choose how much and what you watch on TV or, as wild as it may seem, do away with it. I have not been in possession of a TV for 3 years and survived it.

*CHOICE – Stock your life with healthy choices. Everyone relates this to food and fitness but it’s broader than that. Take an honest look around and ask yourself if your social life enhances your life or if it drains it. Do you spend time with friends complaining and stuck in emotional upheaval or in a more balanced manner? Finding/offering support within a peer group is different than just raking the muck. It is perfectly ok to shake it up a bit and seek out new friendships that support building a joyful, healthy life.

*ENERGY – Energy is finite, we only have so much. We can’t be up and “living” 24/7. Our awake-hours are limited so any time/energy that is spent embroiled in junk is never reclaimed. If you adore the way you spend your leisure hours then you’ve no need to grab tools and race toward a life-reconstruction but for anyone desirous of change, it can be done. Take whatever amount of energy you are currently working with and invest it in building a life that you cherish. Grab a sunset or a sunrise, we are gifted with only one each day.

On a final note, often people who’ve had financial challenges tell me “but I was used to things a certain way” and I get that. Before age 40, I camped very little, I did not pile into a car with 4 other ladies and embark on a $40 weekend and I would not have considered hiking alone, much less in the dark. I was not used to any of these things but a slice of supreme luck was born out of an otherwise devastating life implosion. My luck came in the form of people who challenged the things I was previously “used to” like my in the moment Achilles heel. I was encouraged to live into a bigger picture of how I’d like my life to be and – along the way – what I was not used to, became what I loved and reveled in.

The best part of embarking on an adventure, into a land of the unknown, is the discovery of so many people who’ve taken off on treks that are full-out inspirational . They convey that what is not familiar might be the very thing that brings the most unexpected joy and wonder.


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