Top 5 Adventure Gift Sites: If Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em, On Your Terms

Like spawning salmon, we’ve entered a season where we find ourselves swimming mightily in search of something that is almost beyond our understanding.  This shopping season can be a difficult beast to navigate but On A Dime believes it can be tamed.

Today we’re keeping our taming simple and posting some links to aid in shopping for the adventurer in your life. We realize no commission or gain from these sites, we’re only passing them along in the hope that you experience a more relaxed version of what can be a very stressful and chaotic time.

Next week we’ll talk about ways to banish the seasonal blues but heads up, begin by creating a budget and sticking to it. This can make all the difference in the world. We know first hand as we’ve had both the success and the fail-years in this pursuit.

So, cover us, we’re going in.

1) GEAR TRADE – Discount gear and this site is in keeping with our On A Dime spirit.

2) GREAT OUTDOOR DEALS – Daily coupons and discounts on gear.

3) REI OUTLET – Through Monday Dec. 1st coupon for 30% off of one item. We swear by REI’s integrity and customer service.

4) SIERRA TRADING POST – Discounts in effect and some hefty sale items.

5) CAMPSAVER – Deals and promotions happening right now on gear.

*We shared 5 sites that you can shop from without having to pull into the mall parking lot but we also want to share a sixth that allows you to not have to pull out your wallet.

6) SHARE – no link for this. We’re talking gear exchange and/or gear co-op. Reach out and connect with a hiking/camping community or stir it up and try for the creation of one via social media and share gear. I’ve loaned my gear and gone on combined trips where everyone contributes. This will encourage camaraderie as well as a healthier pocketbook. You deserve moments of Zen and they are possible with a little planning. Skip shopping for a bunch of shiny object/junk in December and instead shop for like-minded friends that shelve the toxicity in their lives in favor of healthy, creative pursuits and you are on your way.

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