Spring Green

Well it’s official, spring has sprung and this post is being joyfully flung far and wide with its creator in absentia.

 As I provide the rear supervision (hike the slowest) for a trekking expedition in Kings Canyon, the true big brains behind On A Dime Adventure does a Risky Business dance and declares open season on the site. So if you have any challenge with navigation this weekend, just know that unlike the wizard from Oz, my guy is truly turning the knobs and making it happen. His genius flourishes best without his sidekick, Dorothy, applying the three clicks of the heels philosophy to website design which translates to repeatedly and randomly punching computer keys faster and more assertively (aggressively) with no change in outcome. It is at this point that my guy usually quotes the definition of insanity to me… repeatedly. He always follows this with his magic touch of calm otherwise known as humble and absolute success.

 This weekend’s focus is on springtime’s success when she takes center stage and elbows winter into wallflower category. The photos with this post are all from Oklahoma with the top dragonfly image captured on a dreamy Saturday morning at Lake Texoma. I spent hours, camera in hand, watching this magical, freebie show as I sipped cafe con leche – yes I am bilingual when it comes to coffee. My first twenty-five springs were spent there and the many hues of seasonal green trumpet a significant change in energy and aura. To the folks weary of the cold, a return of longer days and warmer weather is as welcome as Miley Cyrus keeping her tongue out of the spotlight and in her mouth.

 Fly in to the Midwest in the spring, look out the plane window, and you will immediately be transfixed by the patchwork-quilted landscape. Rusts, golds, greens, it is these colors as well as the stunningly simple and ever so sweet photos that float across my Facebook of infant bunnies sleeping in a hayloft, a newborn donkey named Kong, and a lapful of baby piglets that announce that life is profoundly in session. I am grateful for the “salt of the earth” friends who recognize that Nielsen ratings and cliffhanger season finales are man-made entities and pale in comparison to Mother Nature’s springtime showers and heading to a river to catch a mess of rainbow trout.

Patchwork Oklahoma from the air

Happy spring and Life Is In Session!

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DSC_0257OK green leaves

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  1. The site is amazing ..you entice us to go places you never dreamed of …thanks for this opportunity your vision is amazing…

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