So Long Siri, Hello Big Sir (and a sunny cocktail recipe!)

While driving south along Pacific Coast highway, our seatmate and my guy’s other woman, Siri, sounded off with one of her many inane commands. “Turn right at the next stop, make a U-turn in five hundred feet… put your right foot in, put your right foot out, do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around.” Siri had been erratic all day and the universe (me) had, had enough. About the time I was revving for my regular rant, titled “why don’t we use Triple A trip ticks anymore” Siri went silent. I thought she was rerouting (pouting) because I’d used my left foot but not so, we had entered a no cell zone – Whoot Whoot!! Buh-bye little Siri, hello Big Sur!

Big Sur might be more aptly named “Big Sir” when it comes to making the rules. No cell service, no sign to Julia Pfeiffer State Beach (we’ll help you with this), and no firewood for under ten dollars. This Big Sir says, “Come on in but put your big kid pants on, use your brain, and earn your place”. Obviously the using of the brain involves bringing in firewood and we did, however, we are sprinters – not long distance. Our stash was blown out in a single glorious bonfire to the finish line. So out came the big kid pants as I was whimpering about the possible thirty-dollar outlay for night two’s fire. I pulled those pants up and refused to budge (by 6pm, I would’ve folded). Thankfully free wood darn near dropped out of the sky and we were on it like a politician on special interest money. Took it right back to the campsite, did not declare it as income, and had a par-tay.

Our On A Dime party-licious domicile in the redwoods was gorgeous though I’m fairly certain that I overheard a skunk, who wandered through our setup, guffawing at my souvenir tumbleweed. Odd, as the rangers had earlier admired said tumbleweed while directing us to an “out of the way” campsite. My guy insisted that the laughing skunk  probably was amused by the battery powered Christmas lights I had strung up in the tent. He swore that skunks do indeed laugh and to look it up on Wiki if I doubted him. Uhm right, no cell service in Big Sir and even if there was, Wiki (like Siri) would just back him up.

Big Sir is a tapestry of funky finds coexisting peacefully with the higher end art crowd. We visited The Big Sur Coast Gallery And Cafe and not only loved the art, the mochas, and the friendly folks staffing the place but also the mascot dog named Max who catches a bone in mid air. Betcha’ Siri can’t do that.

The blend of sculptures and nature in the outdoor exhibit was truly both refreshing and Zen. We went from this butterfly laden experience to the earthy, rough around the edges, Henry Miller Library and then to the, oh so casual, Big Sur Bakery with a plethora of hummingbirds buzzing about the lush garden.

Wrapping up our Big Sir sojourn was a farewell stop off and drink at the famed Nepenthe. This fantastic gift shop and restaurant (actually 2 restaurants) is not cheap so we consider it our splurge. That said, we were strategic with our cash flow and ate breakfast at our campsite, hitting Nepenthe after their 11am opening for a burger for my guy and a new discovery for me, an APPLES & PEARS cocktail. Our devotion to both burger and cocktail had us considering a fan club as well as a move to Big Sir.

*Check out the full article on Big Sur with tons of amazing photos!

Like most treasures in Big Sir, the APPLES & PEARS cocktail is simple once the secret is shared so here ya go.



~ 1 part* pear infused vodka (if this proves too expensive, just add regular vodka to the recipe below).

~ 2 parts sparkling apple cider

~ 2 parts Kerns pear nectar (substitute this for the vodka if you want to make a non-alcoholic drink)

~ squeeze of lime.

~ lots of  ICE

*As for ratios, taste test and make it your way. Cheers.

The photos below are all of the elusive Julia Pfeiffer State Beach. No sign on Pacific Coast Highway so check our article posting March 1st for directions.

Pfeiffer 4 Pfeiffer 5 Pfeiffer 7Pfeiffer 9

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