Sometimes second choice rocks your soul in an unbelievable manner and that was the case when I found myself in Silverton, Colorado last summer. After leaving TellurideOurey had been my intended destination and goes on the return list because I came up short on a Friday campsite – so after a quick regroup (meltdown), I pushed onward and landed in Silverton late afternoon. I’d checked weather and knew that rain and sleet were in the forecast and figured on exiting Silverton and heading onward after some kick-back time in the tiny western community, dubbed one of the best adventure towns in the US.

Town 2
Main area of town

 The town is several blocks long and consists of two streets that run parallel to each other. One is a main street with car traffic and the other a wide dirt road that also allows for cars but is more heavily trafficked by those on foot.

End of town
At the end of town more scenic views await

I enjoyed looking around this relaxed little enclave and was impressed by the number of choices on activities and places to eat but also by the kitchy energy exhibited by the residents like the one below with an artful fence, constructed from skis.

House w: ski fence

 One activity worth considering is the train ride as the scenery is a huge draw and our own On A Dimer, Andy, took the train to a backpacking destination a year ago and found it fantastic.

Silverton Rail
Silverton Rail

My experience of Silverton had me on an very conservative budget so I opted for enjoying the beauty of the town without spending money and then headed to my next destination via Highway #550. Ten minutes out of town, I pulled off for an over the shoulder, distant view of Silverton.

Distant view of Silverton
Silverton from Highway #550

 As I made my way back onto the highway, Molas Campground signs appeared and beckoned me to take a quick look. For $20 a night, it was love at first site.

View from a campsite at Molas Lake

The employee at the information center was very helpful and made sure I knew that they offered pay showers (yes, I think it was a hint) as well as a few camp items, and then she briefed me on a waterfall hike that I filed away for sunrise. The camping area offered peace (RV generators are limited to certain areas) and beauty and I never tired of strolling around exploring.  *Sunset, in the above featured image was lovely.

Morning view
Stunning reflection view

Morning dawned and I hurriedly hit the trail to see what would unfold. A serious mist was blanketing the area and everything was covered in a magical frost.

Floral ice crystals
Little ice crystals covering everything

This sunrise hike was amazing!

Sunrise Silverton camping
Waterfall time
Wading at the base of the waterfall

Silverton calls me back to really immerse myself in this heavenly locale as I’ve been told there are unlimited hiking opportunities and much beauty waiting to be uncovered. I had a taste and this spot is a definite repeat!

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