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California On A Dime Travel Guide

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The California On A Dime Travel Guide profiles a number of locations throughout California with an emphasis on budget travel. Included in the guide are money-saving strategies such as free and fee camping and hostels as well as ideas on seeing the natural beauty of California without high admission fees. Whether you desire San Francisco, Big Sur, Malibu, Yosemite or the thrill of climbing Mount Whitney, the guide covers options that won’t break the bank. California offers a wealth of outdoor activities from sandy beaches to picturesque mountains to exciting cities and these wonderful sites can be taken in On A Dime so peruse the guide and start planning.

The Things I Cannot Do


Teri Clifton is an every day kind of gal who’s tried her hand at an eclectic number of endeavors. During a round of life upheaval she found herself questioning what it means to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of a very few or in other words, a bit of a misfit. Her conclusion was that the heart of misfit-ness can be colorful and fulfilling when appreciated and celebrated.
This collection of essays unabashedly shares the daily experiences of a misfit as well as the inner thoughts…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Exciting moments and the more mundane times are equally honored and the result is a posse of stories that offers up laughter, tears, and ultimately “perfectly-imperfect” moments of love.


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