Only One More Time

This post is inspired by a beautifully fierce, cancer-warrior by the name of Kevin Cordasco. Kevin passed from this world – to one I now think of as larger than life – at the age of sixteen.


I think of Kevin often as his investment in living was the catalyst for On A Dime Adventure. I came into the awareness that we all are so very finite, that our life expectancy varies from 31.99 in Swaziland to 82 years in Japan, and that we perhaps squander a fair amount of pretty valuable time. Kevin squandered none.

From this point on we’ll strive to shine a light on quality of life and  extinguish any derail energy. So let’s cut to the chase by cutting out repetitive time-drains so that we may redirect our zest towards joyous discovery. Let’s get completely tangible.

1) CLEANING – Some parts of our lives require ongoing clean-up and/or maintenance, however, a time-drain is the unnecessary repeats on the clean-up front. Be merciless, be ruthless. Get rid of the junk that is holding you back. Yes, I know that there have been many articles about this but I am speaking firsthand as someone who is radically upending their life and seismically shifting the lifestyle. DOWNSIZE your stuff. Donate it and throw it out. Live a calmer, simpler life and fill it up with sunrises and sunsets.

2) DO NOT REPEAT CLEAN – Clear out closets, garage, kitchen, etc. and DO NOT fill them back up. You miss stunning moments to connect to life when you are busy repeatedly organizing the unnecessary items you’ve bought lately to replace the unnecessary items you just finished clearing out . If this was not a challenge, why would it be that every single January tons of magazines devote covers to cleaning out the gluttony from the holidays? Do not rinse and repeat!

3) ONLY ONE MORE TIME – We hear about people who find out they have a terminal illness and clean their things out – one last time – and get their affairs in order. What we don’t stay present to is the fact that we all only have a certain amount of time left so why do we want to clean the garage out yearly? Again and again and again… ONLY ONE MORE TIME. Strip away the clutter and stop the consuming. Close up shop one last time. Do not refill the space you worked hard to create. Leave space only for adventure.

Adventure is aways available, it is waiting for anyone who wishes to experience it. Usually the main barriers are the ones we create by continually stocking our lives with things we’ll only be struggling to clear out all too soon.

There are tools to help support and reinforce a way of being that is the antithesis of every ad campaign running. These tools are real people, not corporations. They are former collectors, consumers, purchasers, and chasers of an American dream that they came to feel was a never-ending hamster wheel. They stepped off the wheel, looked around, and knew that Dr. Seuss was on to something…

“Trim up the tree with Christmas stuff

Like bingle balls, and whofoo fluff!

Trim up the town with goohoo gums

And bizilbix and wums!”

 ~Trim Up The Tree (How The Grinch Stole Christmas)

Courtney Carver of Be More With Less and Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist are forces in the movement – to not just clear out the minutiae – but even more importantly, to replace the quest for things with a quest for moments. They both balance their families, travel, work, and life with an ability to remain focused on shopping for opportunities to enrich their souls over any shopping for gee-gaws to fleetingly enrich their egos.  They have empowered many people to seize control of their time and this On A Dimer owes them a huge debt of gratitude as On A Dime Adventure was born out of their mission and their message.

Finally, it is our hope that this article sparks a feeling of possibility. We are aware that lifestyle is subjective and plenty of people are perfectly happy with the path they are on. This is for those, like this on a dimer, who wish to strategize more moments of pure magic and less moments of reorganization (and how is that even an allowable word or concept?). The act of organizing again or differently. Enough!

Kevin Cordasco had a very short time here on this planet and he made amazing use of that time. His refrain that “life is in session” inspired us so powerfully that it is our wish that a life in session prevail over a life taken for granted. Take Kevin’s message and Courtney and Joshua’s tutorials and live a life fully in session.

Below are several articles from Courtney Carver and Joshua Becker that are guaranteed to have you, like the Whos in Whoville, believing that life comes without packages, boxes or bags. Life comes not from a store, life – as we experience it – should be a heck of a lot more.

The 10 Most Important Things To Simplify In Your Life  ~Joshua Becker

* Project 333 Simple Is The New Black ~Courtney Carver  (Love this slogan!)

* 10 Reasons To Escape Excessive Consumerism  ~Joshua Becker

* Travel More With Less  ~Courtney Carver

* 7 Steps To Live Your Ideal Eulogy  ~Joshua Becker

* Minimalism Is For Everyone  ~Courtney Carver

Today, write down one thing you wish to do, that is all about adventure and whether it be rest and relaxation or an adrenal blow-out, make it happen and fully enjoy it.

Suggestions 😉

Grand Canyon we did it for $100.

Half Dome


Hike time
Hike time

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