One Man’s Tumbleweed

One man’s tumbleweed is another man’s treasure. While driving through Nevada as 100mph wind gusts practically sailed the kayaks and car into a field, the treasure hunt of a lifetime appeared. You see, this adventurer has for some time coveted the very elusive, almost endangered, tumbleweed. Yes tumbleweed – don’t question it.

 So while my guy slapped on some chaps, entered a gale force storm, and roped two kayaks, I donned spurs and wrestled a rogue tumbleweed to the ground. It now rides in the back seat, giving off what one of us deemed an “odor” and the other lovingly called herbal.

 The reattachment of the kayaks, now referred to as sails for White Lightning (a big britches Hyundai), and the addition of the thorny souvenir had my guy smiling and shaking his head sweetly. Sweetly is the perfect descriptive according to a dear friend whose mischievous auto correct inquired how “sweet pie” and I were faring. My guy instantly acquired a new and very deserved, nickname.

 On A Dime strives to save money whether we’re talking accommodations or souvenirs but one thing to note for you fellow travelers, having a “sweet pie” who makes room for a prickly, back seat addition and grins all the way, is key to the success of any adventure.

 Photos below are of Virginia City, an unexpected jewel. This Wild West destination is an upcoming On A Dime Adventure article.

Saint Mary Catholic Church in the mountains. Nevada’s oldest Catholic church, built in 1860.
Queen (1)
Silver Queen. Dress made up of 3,261 silver dollars.
One man’s tumbleweed is another man’s treasure



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