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~North Rim Grand Canyon Article

Here’s How You Do It:

Officially this is the Kaibab Forest and the turnoff is 4 miles from the actual North Rim Grand Canyon entrance. The views seen from this location are outrageous.

*Coupling this trip with Zion National Park is very doable as they are only about 3 hours apart by car.

*****The following are directions to NORTH RIM (KAIBAB FOREST) FREE CAMPING @ LOCUST POINT. NO FEE. The roads are gravel and rock for 27 miles but our Hyundai had no problem. These directions will be relocated to our North Rim article once it posts.  The SOUTH RIM INFO IS DIRECTLY BELOW THIS.

**CHECK WEATHER as storms are the norm at certain times of the year for the canyon.

North Rim Free Camping **This location is prior to entering the Grand Canyon Park so there are no park fees. This is completely free.

26.5 miles south of the Kaibab Plateau Visitor Center and The Jacob Lake Lodge AZ #67

RIGHT on Forest Rd. #22 and drive 2 miles

LEFT on Forest Rd. #270 and drive a mile

RIGHT on Forest Rd. #222 and drive 5 miles *Mileage is important as the only tricky part and it’s not that tricky, is the left turn onto Forest Rd. #271 (the sign for this is to the left of the main road and set back a bit but you can see it). **NOTE that there is a left turn dirt road about 2/10ths of a mile before your turnoff for #271, do not confuse the two. ONCE AGAIN, THERE WILL BE A ROAD SIGN to the left on the turn for #271, it is just set off the road a bit.

You will only be on #271 for literally about 100 feet and then a right turn is available and that is Forest Rd. #294 (thankfully, a left turn is not possible as the directions we found online mistakenly said “left”)

Once you’ve made the RIGHT onto Forest Rd. #294 you are home free as it is a straight shot of almost exactly 7 miles and you dead-end at Locust Point. You cannot miss it.

There is a trailhead sign and to your left are campsites. LOOK around for the best spot. About 3/10s of a mile back on #294 is probably the most stellar spot w/ a view of the north rim that is unreal.

**There are stone fire rings and you may camp within 30 feet of the dirt road. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE AND CHECK RESTRICTIONS AND PACK OUT YOUR TRASH! This area is pristine and an amazing gift and it’s up to all of us to keep it that way. Even pack out what you consider “biodegradable” as anything introduced to the area that is not indigenous can be a big problem and finally, HAVE FUN!

Freebie fun on Hway #67 near the North Rim. Jacob Lake Lookout Tower (80 feet) and yes you can climb it for free.

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