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This site’s motto is “life is in session” and  is dedicated to sharing some travel spots that you can seize without breaking the bank thereby hopefully  affording you even more soul-rocking  getaways.

~Teri’s Walk & Talk – to share convincingly that the On A Dime Gang doesn’t just talk the talk but we also walk the walk. I’m a single mom and until recently, spent the past three and a half years working a little over 40 hours a week at a shelter for kids involved in prostitution. I received 2 weeks annual paid vacation, made less than $40,000 a year, and was fulfilled in my job. No trust fund or off-shore bank account was hovering in this hiker’s backpack and my guy and/or buddies shared and continue to share costs on the trips we take. Like you, I cry when I get a ticket, cheer when I receive a tax return, and give my car (a Hyundai) a sassy name (White Lightning) in order to encourage it to perform like a race car – it works, try it. The desire to travel and hike some stunning trails is realized completely because of a cultivated strategy in doing it on a dime and that, fellow adventurers, is the “talk” we hope to spread.

In the money-saving game, it often comes down to the more the merrier so grab your friends, however, beware as it took me a little bit of time to note that some friends will enthusiastically join in on travel and enhance the trip while others you invite will respond with, “wait, what do I have to bring?” and “how far is the hike ‘cause I have an old tennis injury and there is a half price sale on designer jeans on Saturday?” I am not meaning to be insensitive to tennis injuries or half price jeans.  Just sayin’, find your kindred.

Sharing costs literally doubles, triples, quadruples your money and it’s eco friendly to boot. A weekend in the Grand Canyon had me out only $100 and that was absolutely because I went with two other people, but if you prefer to fly solo or can’t find a buddy and the fear of roughing it has you stymied, please know that this site is dedicated to cost efficient choice but also to balance. While the site does lean heavily on camping and backpacking, a number of trips  focus on wallet-friendly lodging, including hostels, and we highlight occasional moderate splurges as well.

Some adventurers will be open to getting down and dirty, opting to primarily camp, while others will prefer agendas like the one created on a trip to Big Sur. We began with a $22 a night campsite overlooking the ocean, moved on to a $75 a night cabin with a wood-burning stove, and finished out the trip in a $200 oceanfront room with a glorious bathtub and fireplace. Anyone here can do the math. If the $200 a night option was our only choice, then 5 nights would’ve racked up a $1,000 payment rather than $394. Friends, bottom line was 3 nights oceanfront and 2 nights in a cabin in the redwoods for a total lodging outlay of $394. And soaking the trail dirt away in a marble bathtub while flush $604 dollars is flat out divine.

The goal of this site is to have you enjoy the “divine” in life more often. The trips listed come with ideas on how to save money and get the most bang for your buck. It is the hope that you will take a 3-day weekend or even a week more often, and get out and grab some moments near home regularly as well. At this time many of the trips are located in California as this is my home-state, however, new states are being added constantly. It’s just the hard work I am able to do for my fellow adventurers and the sacrifice I am willing to make, cue violin.

Finally, if you have suggestions of cost saving places you’ve traveled to, please get in touch so we can check them out. Who knows, perhaps we’ll each throw down $2.50 for wood and share a campfire.

Thank you for visiting the site and remember, you can do a lot on a dime and most of it is legal. So head out on an adventure because life is in session so you might as well seize it.

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 “Life is in session” is a quote that is credited to a beautiful 16 year old warrior in the fight against cancer. Kevin Cordasco’s powerful presence imparted to many that quality of life involves choice and the life worth living is a life fully in session. Kevin’s philosophy impacted many lives, mine included, and that philosophy heavily influenced the undertaking of this site. For that and much more, I am grateful.


Life Is In Session