Leader’s Block

Leader’s block is that moment in time during trip-planning when you sit – eyes glazed over – staring at the counter piled high with camping food and know that everything will not go according to plan. You wonder what will unfold during the trip and hope that it will be managed gracefully (cough, cough).

This adventurer has a crazy lust for seeing everything, however, our latest trip is focusing on free which means “whoa, Nellie” on all of the added fees like park entrance charges. Park fees can put a dent in free so choice, as in being selective, has become the mantra in charting the latest On A Dime adventure. Hiking the Narrows in Zion has seduced us, courtesy of an adventuring family named Hibma. Their experience and photos had us oohing and ahhing and then budgeting the $25 park entrance fee and one night of camping for $16 as the campground is near the entrance. We’re hoping to score a first come/first serve campsite and hike at the crack of dawn. The best laid plans…

Our inspiration, a Hibma in The Narrows

Leader’s block can be brought on by intense best-laid plans followed by a “ruh, roh” regroup as in the case of an updated weather forecast. We discovered we’re up against a 40% chance of rain on the day we scheduled our hike and naturally, 0% the day before. Hiking the Narrows is a fun idea, unexpectedly floating The Narrows, not so much. The threat of drowning is not to be trifled with and the movie 124 Hours had this adventurer figuring she’s only able to survive about 124 seconds of any real danger so… drive all night and hike a day early? Looking like that may be plan B.

The real point in sharing leader’s block is to say, it’s ok. It has taken many trips to be able to realize that plan B often produces a mighty and unexpected magic. The following photos are of some Plan Bs that ponied up beautiful pay-offs and the featured umage above was of hiking in the snow after high winds dramatically shifted our plan A. And please, whether it’s gear and food or lodging or more, use this site for trip-planning as that is exactly what we do, find others who’ve gone before us and follow the places they share.

Leader’s block and the unexpected moments of an adventure are all part of the non-plan and embracing this is the goal. Now if we can just find the maps.

Check our gratitude giveaway article as well as our sister (essay) site at On A Dime Life and please know that our lives are in session and on a dime in large part due to many of you inspiring us constantly. Rock on and keep adventuring!

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