I’ll Take Half

 Hey there fellow adventurers! Half of the On A Dime duo is currently focused, sharp, and diligently deciphering computer code for the site while the other half meditates deeply (slobber naps) in preparation for this latest article. If the post-nap energy determined the page content, you’d now be reading directions on bringing me a face wipe and coffee with half and half.

 Half and Half. Great little invention and the “fat free” version is just precious for those who also traffic in no salt popcorn – I mean really. Talk about unpatriotic. Generally speaking, as proud Americans, we are in for the whole deal, not half. It’s flat-out unappealing. Just ask my guy about his mood when I suggest splitting dinner at a restaurant. Even the words “half time” are simply a transition from snacks and beer to bathroom break and more snacks and beer. With clearance price sales being the exception, half is most assuredly not a reason to cheer or is it?

 We here at On A Dime like to talk a big talk about hiking 17 miles in the Grand Canyon and scaling Everest (Whitney) but today we are stepping forward and revealing a little secret. There are a great number of places that we’ve profiled on the site that quite simply were half or less, as in half a mile or less. From the car. Ok fine, some moments were experienced while a certain adventurer was sitting in the car.

A few of the outrageously stunning spots and moments we’ve encountered without ever donning a backpack are Julia Pfeiffer waterfall in Big Sur, Wichita Wildlife Preserve in Oklahoma, Grand Canyon viewing areas, Lake Tahoe (article on Tahoe soon), Mono Lake and a whole host of other spots. Some places offer up a multitude of desirable areas, easily accessible but even places with less obvious choices, are waiting to be discovered.

 So, the point is that we’d love to hear about it if you have a gorgeous, soul enriching spot that is a short, easy walk from the car. My guy will put your contribution to good use and create an app for his phone, post haste. He does share royalties… with me. For you? A personal thank you the next time he’s able to avoid a 2,000 foot elevation gain with a stroll to an overlook for sunset, not sunrise – he’s working on an anti sunrise app also.

*All photos in the gallery are from sites half a mile or less from the car. Some are directly from the road so grab your keys, life is in session. Top header photo is from Morro Rock, taken from a parking lot.

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