Grape Lovers Unite

A recent California dreamin’ return to beautiful Ojai uncovered a winery in the country as well as a gorgeous tasting room in town. So whether you are a city mouse or a country mouse, stunning locales are yours for the asking.

Casa Barranca
Casa Barranca located in the heart of Ojai

On Saturday we will have a full article on tasting on a dime as well as combining the great outdoors with the products of passionate vintners. If you consider yourself an oenophile er-uhm, this might not be the article for you. If you are, at this moment, looking up the word “oenophile” – I did – or you have perhaps purchased wine at 7-11 (cough, cough) our article will rock your inner grape-lover.

And if you prefer non-alcoholic, we will joyfully cover that as well. Also check out our previous article on Farmers Markets for your picnic basket prep!

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Old Creek
Countrified tasting at the ranch
Road to the winery
Beautiful road leading to the winery

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