*We’re adding links at the bottom as we discover them for amazing camp food. If you have any to recommend, let us know!

Food, glorious food gets its own moment in the spotlight. The following is designed to let you choose the amount of energy and/or money you want to invest in your get-away. From “easy” to “moderate” to “elbow grease”, these tips will hopefully make the trip a little smoother.

*Easy – Mountain House meals. Boil the water, pour it in the bag and wait, usually about 10 min. These can be a little pricey ($7-$9) but they are easy, peasy. Some meals are for two and some are singles. The ones for two are generous, if you are sharing with someone who is generous. On a trip up Half Dome, I ate more than my share and my guy was nice about it (he lost 4 lbs. that trip). Drawback is the trash is a little bulky in the bear canister.

Favorites – Stroghanoff, Spaghetti with meat sauce, Bananas Foster for dessert. Go ahead and check out favorites online and then decide from there.

*Moderate – Pre made/purchased sandwiches. Peanut butter and jelly. Packet dinners from places like Target where you add boiling water. Watch the sodium or you could be water logged in your tent and making pit stops all night. Also, fresh trout as a moderate meal (not including the catching and cleaning). Roll it in cornmeal and spices and pan fry in oil, delicious! Another idea, bring fresh fish from your market, it is generally quick to cook and pretty easy to clean up after.

Fresh trout

*Elbow Grease – Folks, this can be really rewarding so consider it. *Ice chest required. Advance cook fried potatoes and onions and ziplok them. You can also pre-cook bacon, hamburgers, just about anything. Throw them in a skillet or on the grill for a heat up and voila. Bring avocados and make guacamole. Pack peppers, onions, and mushrooms, they do double duty on hamburgers and then in the morning cooked into eggs.


I have also in the past made things like seafood chowder, tortilla soup, stew, chili etc. and then frozen in containers and brought along for camping.

Do not pack, in blue ice, an entire London Broil and carry it in your pack all day…not that I would know anything about that personally. And do not let your kids hold the camera when you are opening a bottle of wine in the parking lot and pouring it into individual plastic water bottles, but do enjoy the photo they later take of one of your loved ones exhibiting their passion for your fine-cooked Ramen by eating it off the ground when you drop it.

And if your teetotaler of a guy rolls out of the tent at 8am and asks you where the Honey Jack is, be relieved when he only wants it to brush his teeth.

What happens on the trail, stays on the trail…or becomes a status update on social media.

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