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Day-hiking is available to almost everyone so get your boots on and head out there and grab it. This hiker and On A Dime creator did not hike until the 40s and knows both the before and after of trail-blazing. Before there was no awareness that truly, with day-hikes, stunning possibilities are all over the place.

And fellow adventurers, while we get that some areas, such as California, are lush with hiking opportunities, we also know that other locations are just waiting to be discovered.

Sunset Half Dome
Sunset Half Dome

And how do we know this? Twenty-five years in Oklahoma, that’s how. Yes, I spent that amount of time there and did not hike and that might have been lazily attributed to a lack of places to hit the trail. Wrong.

Bison on the trail. Photo credit Scott McEwen
Bison on the trail. Photo credit Scott McEwen

When I headed back to the motherland one year, my guy introduced me to the Wichita Wildlife Reserve and I found myself hiking in a whole new glorious manner. You see, in civilized California we like our veggies chanted over in an obscure ancient tongue and our trails mapped and highlighted with warnings to avoid marijuana farms (swear this is true). But in Oklahoma the Wild West is on display at a 65,000-acre reserve where bison and longhorn steers wander all over without benefit of fences. I mean really, people should be fenced in at all times. When you visit this throwback to the days of the cowboy, you are given not so much a trail map as a verbal instruction to “head that way, over by the rock shaped like a heart, then swing around along the dry creek-bed”. Friends, thankfully my guy understands all of this as there are millions of rocks and only one (NOT the one we searching for) looked like a heart and – “dry creek” bed? Sure if you’re an Indian tracker. The creek has been dry since the dinosaurs, blending it into the rest of the landscape.

Heart Rock    Photo credit Scott McEwen
Heart Rock Photo credit Scott McEwen

So, what is it that grabs you and rocks your being mystically until any thoughts of TV or Facebook – well ok, not Facebook –  are slapped right out of your head? The very lack of a marked trail in a lot of areas and the encouragement to just wander out into the wild. And the point here, adventurers, is that every place you hike has its unique talent. Here are just a few examples. Please send us your favorites!

California has an insane wealth of hiking trails and camping for free (dispersed) is absolutely available.

Kings Canyon, CA

Utah is a Zen-master.

Short day-hike to Arches

Colorado… no words necessary.

Colorado between Telluride and Delores

Oklahoma is more than ok.

Wichita Mountain Bison Reserve

Arizona rules like a magical wizard.

Overlook on the descent
Overlook on the descent

Kansas makes the Emerald City trite.

Late afternoon hike around the lake
Late afternoon hike around the lake

And these are only a few locales. We aim to spend the rest of our lives celebrating the rest.

*What is needed to get started? Boots and daypack, that’s it.  Three suggestions on where to get these items are REI, Backwoods or for used gear Gear Trade.

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