Farmers Market Fete

It might be time to take a hiatus from Taco Bell – we can hit it again tomorrow for breakfast – yes, they serve breakfast now! Coffee and these sassy breakfast burritos… oops, back to hiatus from Taco Bell and spotlight on the Farmers Market.

 Go ahead and do it. This very  week, hit up your local Farmers Market and grab some veggies and fruit. We are tying this in with hiking but it is also fun to plan for recipes like chicken tacos, a favorite from The Pioneer Woman. Her fabulous photos, that accompany the delicious recipes, make chef duties a pleasure. And while we’re on this subject, also check out her chicken tortilla soup which we add hominy to for a little Okie flair.

 Now on to hiking and the Farmers Market. There are unlimited options with the fresh and local approach when you are packing for a hike. Grab apples, grapes, cheese and crackers or fresh bread and a flat sheet – we’re talking linen closet – to sit on and throw the whole beautiful potpourri in your backpack because life is in session and we don’t want to miss a minute.

 To our fellow “champagne on a beer budget” kindred, when creating your hiking meal, go ahead and get a little fancy-pants. On a sunset hike to Arches in Utah we brought along a bottle of chilled white wine, fruit, and cheese and crackers. We’ve also been known to tote a single burner stove with a canister of fuel and make coffee and oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts on sunrise hikes as we did on a Half Dome trip.

 And finally, a few items for your “don’t forget” list: wine/bottle opener, silverware (cutlery for the posh crowd), cups or glasses (camping stores sell plastic wine glasses), napkins, and drinks.

 *A little trick is to pre-chill a thermos with ice water and then replace the water with the beverage of choice. This is easier to manage than glass bottles and keeps the spirits cold. Other drink ideas are lavender lemonade and cucumber mint water as well as any assortment of juices that call your name.

 Whatever you decide upon for your Farmers Market/hiking day, whether it is fresh produce, local cheese and bread or maybe some exotic olives, the overall experience  will be exponentially enhanced by adding in food – glorious – food!

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