Bricktown/Wichita Wildlife Refuge Facts

~Bricktown/Wichita Wildlife Refuge Article

Here’s How You Do It:

Permits? Yes, for backcountry. Up to 90 days in advance. Some walk-in permits available.

Flying in? Airport – Will Rogers World Airport (1 1/2 hours from the preserve)

Destination camping? Check our article.

Bison photo credit: Scott McEwen

~Location: Wichita Wildlife Refuge Over 50,000 acres.  Map

Bricktown and  Oklahoma City

 ~Ranger Station: Wichita Wildlife Visitor Center

 ~Nearest Town and Amenities: Medicine Park. Lodging and restaurants available in Medicine Park.  *The Winery is out of business.

Oklahoma City’s Elemental Coffee and Shop Good are fantastic as well as the Bricktown Brewery and Chelino’s.

 ~Campground/s: Yes. Two campgrounds plus back country, permit required. Fawn Creek Campground and Doris Campground.

 ~Warnings: Watch for rattlesnakes in warmer weather and note that Oklahoma summers can bring heat in excess of 100 degrees.

 ~Permits: For back country camping, yes.  Day hikes, no.

 ~Weather: Always check.

 ~Suggestions: Off season and/or mid week is less crowded. Capturing the wild west aura is difficult when navigating traffic.

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