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~Olympic Peninsula Article

Here’s How You Do It:

First narrow down where you’ll want to stay. If it is camping, check on advance reservations. A real bonus is that of the 17 campgrounds in the Olympic National Park, 16 are first come/first serve and you are able to get sites without hysteria, however, weekends in summer months get very busy on the coast so plan ahead for those locations and get there early. Kalaloch, on the ocean, takes reservations. We got a first come/first serve there but it was on a Tuesday.

Nearest Airport

*Check weather as certain times of the year, rain rules.

~Location –  The area encompasses a vast amount of diverse land. All of it is stunning, however, be prepared for some cloudy and wet days.

~Ranger Station –  This list has all offices/ranger stations covering the peninsula.

~Nearest Town and Amenities –  There are many towns up and down the coast of Washington but we were nearest Forks, a small town best known for being the filming location of the Twilight movies.

~Campground/s – Yes and many are first come/first serve.

~Warnings –  Surf can be very rough. Heed all warnings re: currant and surf.

~Weather –  Check it for the rainy seasons.

~Suggestions –  Bring rain gear and dive in and enjoy the stunning greenery.


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