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Here’s How You Do It:

This one is ongoing as we are headed to Tahoe for a few days in four weeks (June).  Basically, if you plan to camp Tahoe, book in advance and we can recommend both a $35 a night, near the water, campsite at Camp Richardson as well as a freebie camping trip an easy 3 miles into the backcountry. Backcountry permits OUTSIDE of Desolation Wilderness area are easy to come by. Desolation must be booked in advance (up to 6 months)

Lodging in Tahoe is booked out in ski season. In order to have an On A Dime experience, we urge you to shoot for weekdays. A recent reservation for Motel 6 (and yes, we endorse the Tahoe Motel 6) has us paying $75 for Sat. and $49 for Sun.

There is now a South Lake Tahoe Hostel! Mellow Mountain is the place and we’re hearing great things about this owner operated hostel.

Flying in? Reno is your best bet for airport, it is about 45 minutes away.

~Location: 34 miles (45 minutes) from Reno Airport. There are several routes so check this link.

~Ranger Station: Eldorado National Forest Pacific Ranger District 7887 Highway 50 Pollack Pines, CA 95726

Phone # 530-647-5407

*Do not confuse the Ranger Station with the US Forest Service which looks like a visitor’s center and offers top rate advice as well as trail conditions/restrictions. THIS is the place we’ve relied on every time.

~Nearest Town and Amenities: South Lake Tahoe is a large tourist driven community with every imaginable shop.

Delicious Pizza found at Sierra Pizza but this place is pretty small.

Article on top ten hikes.

~Campgrounds: Camp Richardson is resort style camping and near the water. We will have photos in June.

~Warnings: Check with the Forest Service.

~Permits: Same deal, call the Forest Service as Desolation requires permits but other areas do not.

~Weather: Always check.

~Suggestions: Talk to the locals, Tahoe is very friendly and you will find some gems just by asking.

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