Angel Lake Facts

~Angel Lake Article

Here’s How You Do It:

We’re going to assume you are driving for this one as it is in the wild blue yonder, not near an airport. Follow the facts provided below and have fun!  🙂

~Location: Take interstate #80 to the West Wells exit. Head south on Angel Lake Rd. (State Route #231). 12 miles to the end and you’ve arrived.

GPS info (Latitude,Longitude): 41.03278, -115.09194

Info (775) 752-3357

 ~Ranger Station: None Nearby

 ~Nearest Town and Amenities: Wells. We only ate in Bella’s Espresso House but if it is any indication of the tiny town,  it just might be fantastic.

 ~Campground/s: One. Reserve

 ~Warnings: None

 ~Permits: N/A

 ~Weather: Always check.

 ~Suggestions: As mentioned above Bella’s Espresso House biscuits were delicious, service was great. And yes, offering the link twice was intentional.

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