Here’s How You Do It

*CHECK COMMENTS in the section at the bottom of EACH fact page as we are encouraging readers to leave their favorite On A Dime locales and attractions so that areas we don’t make it to do not go unnoticed. And if you have a gem, please add it in! Grateful! ~Teri

So this place we’re headed, how far in advance do we have to reserve camping? Lodging? Do we need permits? Can we skydive? What about a great spot for coffee or a good french restaurant? When headed to a new locale on a mighty adventure, it’s nice to be armed with the facts. Each fact sheet will get you started with some information about the area, nearest town etc. And after you peruse the tidbits, take off on your own and research a little more because the adventure begins way before the bags are packed, it takes hold when the imagination ignites.

Adventures have a link at the top of each page that brings you directly to the Here’s How You Do It fact sheet. In addition, all fact page links are listed alphabetically below.

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