Camera Phone or DSLR: Break Out Your Inner Artist

This article, at first glance, might seem to be exclusively a comparison between camera phones and DSLR but I think that has already been covered expertly and extensively. Today’s photo essay goal is to convey the accessibility of easy options for experiencing art through photography. So pull out your camera or camera phone and whether it be flowers or your family – or even tree bark – snap some photos because your inner artist is planning a jail break.

Teri Into The Woods
Into the woods, happy time!

This past weekend, while on a jail break from the city, I hiked a favorite mountainous area and found myself thinking of the complexity and beauty of something as simple as tree bark. Looking at it up close left me wondering about the journey that had transpired, causing whatever state the bark was currently in – no I had not eaten any brownies. 😉

The forest truly is its own life-force, rocking along with specific rules and goals and – for the most part – it rocks along fairly unnoticed.

I hope these photos share that simply pulling out a camera phone or DSLR and pausing to capture something that feels poetic to you, can strip away the chaotic noise in life and provide huge exhale.

*Every photo is labeled according to what it was shot with and all photos are unedited to give a better idea of exactly what I was seeing. I alternated between DSLR – Nikon D90 w/ a Tamron 18-270 lens and I-Phone 4S for ease of comparison but please know that I-Phone (as well as other camera phones) can offer up even more stunning shots, that get closer to DSLR, if you decide to apply some post editing. Once again, these photos are unedited.

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Angel Wings – I-Phone 4S
Bark 2
Morning Light – Nikon D90
Night & Day – I-Phone 4S
Bark 20
Fine Line Aging – Nikon D90

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