Olympic Peninsula

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Our plan for Washington originally involved Rainier but when some snow and low temps hopped aboard, we turned tail and ran for the coast. Two results were realized out of this plan shift, number one was experiencing the most sublime rain forest to date and number two was the certainty that Washington will require an encore.

This state will have you trying to quell anxiety over exactly which way to turn and what to embark upon. We’re talking mystical coastal fog, a river runs through it sunsets, snowcapped mountains, and all of this very much on a dime.

This trip began with a farewell to my guy at the Portland Airport and the picking up of a good girlfriend at a famed Portland  coffeehouse called Stumptown. The famed coffee was accompanied by the equally famed VooDoo donuts when Ladybird rolled into the car, see our OR article. A face-off occurred between Ladybird’s navigational system and mine, with yours truly immediately losing when navigating the “on” button became a challenge while shoving a Captain, My Captain donut into my pie-hole.

We took our sticky fingers and headed out of Portland and across the Washington border. It was decided that we’d just watch for some camping so a leisurely pace was set along a country highway. In about a New York minute, or uh, Washington second, the sign for Schafer State Park appeared. Ten miles off the highway and we found ourselves setting up camp on the Satsop River and this was – flat out – a find and a half. Ice cold beer while lounging on a fallen tree and watching the sun set over the river really honors Woody Guthrie’s intended message in This Land Is Your Land ($24 a night – total so yeah, $12 each).  We camped on a Sunday night, mid June, and had no trouble getting a spot in the quiet campground.

Campsite # 6
Campsite # 6 Schafer
WA River
Sunset Satsop River in Schafer State Park

Monday morning dawned and we headed for the coast, passing through Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and yes, a place called Humptulips, before arriving at our next camp stop, the lovely Kalaloch, in the Olympic National Park. This was a first come, first serve site though there are reservable sites as well and all sites on the ocean bluff were taken. The location we claimed had Lord Of The Rings written all over it and the ensuing hike down to the beach and along the fog-shrouded ocean had us convinced that possibly here be dragons.

Campsite Kalaloch
Olympic Coast Tree
Tree with the earth eroded away on the beach

Evening encouraged a trip north to the tiny town of Forks and the filming choice of the Twilight movies. As one of, maybe, the four people in Forks who’ve not read or seen any of the Twilight movies, I still derived fun in seeing Bella and Edward memorabilia, as in their old trucks. Also enjoyable was watching the many excited fans sprint from their cars to take pics and argue about the trivia.

For this on a dimer, a misty dusk at Ruby Beach provided enough twilight ambiance to rev the creative mind and evidently it was contagious as Ladybird warded of any potential scary spirits by adding to the the assortment of feng shui rock art along the beach.

Ruby Beach, Kalaloch, and the area along the coast of the Olympic National Park is lush with terrain to explore and being immersed in a land nourished by generous rainfall, gives a feeling of being replenished in body and soul.

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