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Lake Tahoe has the unique distinction of being a getaway spot that truly does offer something for both the traveler who enjoys the finer things in life as well as the On A Dime adventurer. If you are looking for luxury lodging and gambling (yep, on the Nevada side) or magical scenery coupled with monetary prestidigitation, look no further. Lake Tahoe is your place.

And speaking of magical, this article parts company from our others in a most stunning way. It features outrageously gorgeous photography and favorite cost-friendly choices from a fellow blogger and Rowdy Kittens website creator, Tammy Strobel.


Tammy’s simple-living message is a gift that On A Dime is excited to share. She and many of her followers are eschewing the gathering of possessions in favor of collecting sentimental moments and memories. Tammy lives with her husband in a 128 (yes, that number is correct) square foot house and celebrates love and joy in the images she captures of day to day life, mainly on her I-phone 5s. Her recent trip to Lake Tahoe immediately caught our eye as she featured a few places we’d visited but also some breathtaking new areas we’re putting on our list. Tahoe is familiar ground for Tammy and we’re betting that upon seeing her photos, you may be dreaming of making it your familiar ground also.



Lake Tahoe is a place to return to time and again and we will be doing just that in June when we explore Tammy’s scenic spots. Her list includes the Tallac Historic Site, which we can vouch for though her visit eclipsed ours in weather favorability. She also highly recommends Pope Beach and Camp Richardson and her photos speak volumes about the abundance of beauty in these easy to reach areas- take note casual hikers. She offers a stellar money-saving idea for visitors breaking from sightseeing and heading to the Riva Grill. Tammy endorses their Monday through Friday happy hour. It is our thought that this might also be good smack in the middle of hiking early and then seeking out one of Tahoe’s famous sunsets. Tammy encourages chatting up the locals to discover areas with award winning scenery but light on crowds and she favors airbnb for cost efficient lodging if camping or friends and family hospitality is not an option

If serenity is foremost in your mind and you are making a summer getaway, camping and/or the backcountry is a fantastic choice. Our June trip to Big Meadow and Round Lake came with a very doable 3 1/4 mile hike to the location where we camped lakeside, and swam, and paid absolutely no fees. We simply parked the cars at the trailhead, loaded up the packs, and headed out across a field of lush purple flowers and into the wild. Into the wild is easily accomplished in Tahoe as 3 miles takes you where the stars are the nightly attraction and both sunrise and sunset will rock your soul. Day 2 found us hiking a couple of miles to neighboring Dardanelles Lake, a lovely and easy hike with scenery that did not disappoint. Our only warning would be mosquitoes. We seemed to be their main attraction and when dusk fell, we zipped into our tents to wait them out. Deet was simply a snack for them as were we. They retreated at dark and reappeared for a few hours at sunrise but the rest of the day they spent evidently sleeping off their food orgy. Mosquito season depends on weather temperature and standing water with June and July often the worst months but check the Forest Service for information even in August.

As August makes way for oncoming winter, focus shifts in Lake Tahoe to snow and every powder sport that arrives with Old Man Winter is happening full throttle. Whether you are an accomplished skier or snowboarder, headed to Heavenly or Northstar, or just want to hike the winter wonderland, Tahoe is flat out pristine and this jewel  is open for business year-round. Do take note that many trails require snowshoes in winter however the Forest Service can brief trekkers on trail conditions daily. Do not confuse the visitors’ center (which was closed when we visited) with the US Forest Service. The forest service provided excellent information on both our summer and winter visits to Tahoe.

The weather impacted our quick stop-over in February, as high winds cannot be warded off with any amount of extra clothing. We were directed to the Tallac Historic site as it was somewhat shielded from the gale force gusts and we found the hike easy and temperate. Our day was a bit gray, however, we look forward to a return, as generally Tahoe’s skies are insanely beautiful.

Our experience of Tahoe left us enamored and wanting more. Some vacations are once in a lifetime but we like to think Tahoe will become a home away from home.

**FYI – There is a South Lake Tahoe Hostel so check it out!

Tahoe in summer

Tahoe in winter

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