8+ Links To Free & Almost Free Getaways

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Update! Check this link from Sunset for last minute, no reservation, campgrounds!

If you are dreaming of grabbing some time away but the hot water heater just malfunctioned and the orthodontist said Jr.’s braces will be on through his MBA, we’re sending relief your way.

You deserve a break from the daily grind that doesn’t break your bank also. Pack up a bag and choose from this list to help get you on your way.

1) FREE – Camp for free or darn near free. Yes, anyone can do it and generally there’s no real competition to get the sites. Here’s your link with sites available throughout the United States as well as a few photos of sites where we’ve stayed. http://freecampsites.net/

2) PETS – Bring your dog along for the vacation? Yep, here’s your link and a darn cute photo of a stellar camper by the name of Bean. http://www.bringfido.com/lodging/campgrounds/region/united_states/

Have dog, will travel

3) LITTLE KIDS – Need to save money but also want to keep little ones entertained? This should help. And be sure to stop off along the way for unexpected fun.


The middle of nowhere on the way up and through Jerome, AZ
The middle of nowhere on the way up and through Jerome, AZ

4) ROMANCE – Pining for some romance? Camping relieves the money stress and enhances the sappiness. http://www.romanticcamping.com/romantic-ideas.html

5) HONEYMOON – Share the love on honeymoons, anniversaries etc. http://www.essortment.com/top-ten-camping-honeymoons-31409.html Yosemite? You betcha’ http://www.mywedding.com/articles/honeymoon-camping-yosemite-national-park/

tealights = ambiance
tealights = ambiance

6) ROAD TRIPS – The price of gas is non-negotiable, however, no restrictions on throwing extra people in. Double date if you’re a couple or make it a friends weekend. Here’s the top 100 choices. http://www.bestroadtripplanner.com/best/index.php?s=2


7) POTLUCK – Can’t say enough about this. Recently, I was a guest at a wine or appetizer potluck and the birthday gal specified “no gifts”. Great night, minimal expense. Get a vacation going this way also. We’re including our $40 weekend link and our potluck one too.

Crepes goat cheese

8) STAY-CATION – Yes, we are all familiar with the stay at home vacation and here are a few ideas that make it work. Fib. Yep, that’s right. Tell everyone (co-workers, mom, your best friend) you are going to be unreachable. Next, turn off the phone. And then read these ideas and embark upon your journey. http://www.wisebread.com/47-cheap-fun-things-to-do-this-weekend


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