7 Cost-Friendly Ideas For 4th of July

We recently had the good fortune of not spending a fortune and yet greatly enjoying some beautiful moments.

Backcountry Hoh Rain Forest, WA. $9 total for the permit and overnight for 2 people

Now we’re looking to bring you the links to places across the land that are offering On A Dime activities for the 4th of July but also for anytime.

1) Check out the best FREE 4th of July events at national parks and get out and grab some fun and if you want even more information look at The National Park Foundation website. Hankering to lock down next year’s 4th in the Grand Canyon? Here’s one link about the festivities and also our link that breaks down inexpensive lodging.

Grand Canyon

2) Last minute travel. Here at On A Dime, we avoid vacationing on the holidays as generally it’s a bit crowded, however, the backcountry is doable. We’ve trekked Yosemite’s wilderness and climbed Half Dome on two Independence Days and had great luck. So, if you want to head out last minute, our best advice would be backcountry or dispersed camping. Before heading into the backcountry, call the ranger station to secure any needed permits.

3) Stay home. That’s right, save your money and stay in. You can make your own celebration, your way, on your budget.  If you wanna get really cash conscious, check out these amazing and easy homemade desserts!


4) Break out the games for kids and let your day unfold in a casual manner

5) Camp at home. Just throw up the tent, bring out the s’mores, and watch the fireworks from home.

Campsite along the river
Campsite along the river

6) Teens? Show theme movies such as Independence Day and make red, white, and blue popcorn.

7) Romantic 4th of July, you bet! These ideas will have the sparks flying.

Now, in the spirit of transparency and sharing that every single moment is not necessarily an adventure, this on a dimer has no 4th of July plans and will be going with the flow. We’ll see what unfolds and who knows, perhaps an adventure will appear.

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