5 Ways To Keep The Adventure Alive

Today’s article is dedicated to keeping the adventure alive.

We all love our time away, our vacations, and weekends. And then Monday rolls around and we drum our fingers until the following Friday. I realized this repetitive cycle was a draining experience quite awhile back and set out to transform it. These are the little things I discovered and they have truly shifted my mood when I am not hiking a trail or road-tripping and my fingers start drumming.

1) PHOTOS – I cannot stress enough that every single person, no matter their photographic ability, comes back from an adventure with at least one photo they love. I know because I see them on Facebook. So here’s my suggestion, print your piece of art and put it where you can see it. My guy – at the urging of his brilliant gal – just enlarged a number of his prints, had them mounted on gatorboard – this is foam core photo backing, black looks best – and he hung them in his office. Friends, Fed-Ex/Kinkos offers this service if you need to really save money but you can also visit your local photo developer and have them mount your photo/s. Do this for yourself, you deserve it. *The gatorboard link I provided is to the lab I’ve used successfully for over ten years. I realize no compensation for mentioning them. The photo above of Convict Lake is the first thing I see every morning when I wake.

2) TRINKETS – We’ve all done it, bought a trinket on a trip, arrived home and then couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Put it on a shelf and if you really want to make an impact, collect similar objects or multiples but stay simple so as not to overwhelm. What the heck do I mean? A tumbleweed. Yep, I have always loved these thorny weeds and lucked into one rolling by in a horrendous wind-storm in Nevada and voila! This was my trinket and I love seeing it every day perched atop my bookcase where it can’t nail me with thorns. I also have collected rocks – not from parks that ask that you take only pictures but rather from the roadside – in the middle of nowhere. I have some granite from the side of highway #395 that I cherish like it’s gold.

photo (4)

3) COLLAGE – These are easy and fun. I am sharing a collage my daughter created on the artist Frida Kahlo that I display with my kids’ colorful pottery. On your getaways, collect free brochures, napkins, postcards, and your own photos and make a collage on a poster board from the craft store (foam core is best). This is so inexpensive that if you tire of it, just make another one on your next trip and keep rotating them.

photo (3)

4) JOURNAL – Keep a beautiful journal on your bedside table and enjoy reading back over trip entries. It’s great to just jot down family/kid quotes throughout the trip. One of my favorites was courtesy of my daughter who was in grade school at the time and wrote down that she and her sister had decided that I overruled their booty shorts because I was jealous of their bodies. I guarantee you that what you read later will be funnier and funnier with each passing year.

5) PRESENT – We all read the “be present” platitudes, with the flowers and butterflies, via social media, and we “get” it but darn-it, it can be hard when you’re exhausted and need some down time. We’re very present to that. So try and just hunker down in your cozy bed and grab moments of in-town adventure. Read a great book (Wild: From Lost To Found On The Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed or Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer) or watch your favorite adventure/landscape movie or documentary (libraries loan them for free). Brew some tea, pour a glass of wine and light candles or incense (I just heard my candle-loving guy cough “hippie” over the incense suggestion). And finally, go ahead and begin thinking of your next adventure. Many popular campgrounds book out as early as six months in advance so a December holiday gift – from you to you – could be reservations for Big Sur for May and now we are not just talking “being present” but also receiving a wonderful present!

Create a living space that reinforces and celebrates what rocks your soul. Fan the flame of adventure, travel, and exploration by appreciating the roads you have traveled thus far. Your journey is ongoing and rather than experience it in snippets of singular getaways, strive to incorporate your moments into your permanent daily living. This will enrich your life and expand your gratitude and that is the best souvenir of all.

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