5 (removable) Obstacles To Becoming An Adventurer

The definition of adventurer gave me a much needed little laughing fit.

Adventurera person who seeks adventures – ok, that’s pretty simple – and then a seeker of fortune in daring enterprises; soldier of fortune – giggling.

On A Dime Adventure does not plan on gearing you up with guns and ammo, we’re thinking more a tent or directions to a hostel. And this article is especially geared toward those with a wish to strike out but feeling overwhelmed at the actual execution. Honestly, we still stumble around and make excuses when considering a getaway so it seems best to segue right into number one on the list.

1) APPREHENSION – Break apart the idea that you can’t go. Write out your list of the reasons standing in the way and then solve them one by one. Hang the list on your fridge and, piece by piece, tackle it.  Debunk the most common fear head on, “I am nervous about camping, it feels unsafe.” Between 500-5,000 people worldwide die each year “camping”. 600,000 people every year die from heart disease so why are we more afraid of sleeping in a tent than fast food? It seems the biggest fear is often bears and yes, we’ve had them outside our tent in the middle of the night and handled the situation like the superheroes we are, exactly as the rangers directed us to, we yelled, “Bears! Go away!” If you are really nervous about this, bear repel is about $50. Fast food repel is much more costly. 😉

2) MONEY – Five star is not financially smart for this On A Dime traveler so walking a money-saving walk is our only option. Here’s a simple cash strategy formula; look at how much money you have and then work from there. See our Forty Dollar weekend post. It is not a pie in the sky idea. It can be done. And we will give a financial breakdown of an 18-day trip we are embarking on in June to Tahoe, Oregon, and Washington in order to further the belief that adventure can be cost-efficient.  Borrow or buy  used gear.

$40 weekend

3) TIME – This one is evil and sneaky. It implies that you are a lazy cuss if you forego fertilizing the lawn, washing the windows, and cleaning the self-cleaning oven and instead, walk out the door and spend two nights staring dreamily across a lake at the reflection of the sunset. Do it. Drop the dust cloth and load the car and get out of town. This time business is pure silliness. Everyone can get away for one or two nights and we hope you start making a habit of it.

June Lake, CA
Time laughing is time well spent

4) DIFFICULTY – We “get” this so here ya go: 1 tent, sleeping bag for each camper or bedding from home, foam mat, ice chest w/ easy pre-packaged food if this is all you want to tackle, charcoal if you want to grill, firewood, camp chairs, deck of cards, headlamp. Less than 10 items to put on a list plus your food. Gear, keep it simple.

$30 tent, goes up in 5 minutes

5) PERFECTION – Now this is an odd one, don’t you think? It refers to the Facebook portrayal of vacations and how that jacks us up. On A Dime is as guilty of this as anyone and fully admit we have yet to post photos of bathroom awkwardness on the trail, terrible food choices (often the precursor for the bathroom issues), really hideous morning photos of which one cousin particularly loves to collect, and a whole host of other not-so-photogenic moments. And, as we write this, an idea is blooming. Painful as it will be, we’re declaring that we will start grabbing and sharing some “real-life” photos of our adventures. Please know that we’ve had many mishaps and embarrassing moments and the vast majority have been laughed about repeatedly when some time elapsed.

HE forgot to pack HER boots while she was at work and they are now getting married. Perfection

Adventures are in the eye of the beholder so all we’re hoping for is that you claim yours more often. Whether it’s fishing in the quiet of the morning, sitting around a campfire and laughing until you cry, or simply day-hiking your wilderness area with a pack full of apples and fresh juice, the time is yours for the taking. Take it. These moments are finite – life is finite – and our memories are ours to create.

Life Is In Session.

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