1,2,3… GO! Summertime Freebies!

The ONE, TWO, THREES of freebie joyfulness.

Summer is on the way and free is on the agenda. Free to eat a slice of watermelon while watching fireflies work their magic, free to picnic during concerts in the park, and free to explore some low-cost and no-cost activities. The following three ideas are designed to encourage those pinching pennies to not also pinch rest and relaxation.

1) FREE ACTIVITIES – Concerts in the park, potlucks with friends or neighbors, weekly spirited walkabouts or runabouts for the kids (have everyone bring their own drink and take a group walk through the neighborhood). Consider a neighborhood garage sale day and use your profits for leisure. If the creation of a more cohesive community appeals, have a neighborhood potluck after the garage sale. Provide name tags and have everyone write, in addition to their name, something they’d like to share about themselves to spark conversations.


Other free ideas are blanket stargazing, farmers’ market visits, bonfire in your fire pit, group dog walking, library speakers and free classes, book signings, poetry, and art. Many communities offer enrichment days with sidewalk chalk art, chili cook-offs, and activities in local parks.


2) HOBBY – Just one. That’s all you need. Brainstorm up a free or nearly free hobby and try it out. Here are a few suggestions from the most kickback to a couple of adrenaline boosters. If they seem a bit daunting, pack up a picnic and enjoy watching the daredevils go after it. Biking, dirt biking, skateboarding, photography (Instagram is free), and gardening – we planted kale and sunflowers last summer for under $10. Or as one artist recently shared on Facebook, make a natural teepee vine trellis with inexpensive bamboo poles from your local garden center and pick the beans as they appear.


What about surfing, kayaking, hiking, bowling (an excellent one for hot days), juggling, magic, camping, and the obvious – water-play? The soaker balls are very inexpensive and a blast to dunk in even a bucket and toss at one another. We’re not just talking for kids on this one; adults can recreate childhood silliness and find that this is a guaranteed stress reliever.


Short on adventure-loving friends? No problem. Check out Meet Up, an online forum that brings people together to participate in hobbies. There is no charge for joining in and using the service. We once happened upon and took a, donation only, meditation cruise on a sailboat via this site.

3) HOME TURF – It’s your state, explore it. Mended Wheels is a phenomenal website that shares freebies throughout the country’s entire 50 states.

Don’t wait until August and then say, “sure wish we would have…”. Your rearview mirror can reflect a summer that was a perfect blend of inexpensive relaxation and celebration.


We are awarded a finite number of summers and, at the very maximum, it usually tops out at 80-100. How many do you have left and what do you want to do with them? We know money can be an issue and we here at On A Dime are hoping that this article offered hard-working dreamers some ideas for much deserved and less expensive respite.

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    1. Jill, your site is excellent and we were happy to share it! Love the info, so very helpful to people looking to save money but still have a wonderful time. Rock on!

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