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Teri Clifton’s collection of essays, THE THINGS I CANNOT DO, is now available on Amazon and the first two days it was in the #1 and #2 spot for humorous short reads on Kindle!

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The On A Dime Adventure website and Blog were created by Teri Clifton to pass along the joy of getting out of town and grabbing a righteous adventure without breaking the bank and the photo above of Teri on Half Dome, is the perfect example of a lot of bang for your buck – $8 for the permit to climb – that’s it.

The point of this mostly honest (liberal creative license), always self-deprecating undertaking is to share with other kindred spirits out there that letting the good times roll is not just for the flush with cash, weekend adventurer on the cover of Outdoor Magazine. One of a kind, glorious moments are for every hardworking dreamer–they are for all of us.

On A Dime Adventure hopes to encourage more travelers to take back their childlike wonder at what is simple and accessible–playtime. It is our aim to have this be a collaborative undertaking, so if you care to share your favorite cost friendly, leisure time location, we would be thrilled to hear from you. And truly, our mission here is to aid anyone hankering for a little more magic in finding it without the financial heaviness.

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